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10Jul, 2014

world cup 2014 final promo

So, we're finally here. After one month of beautiful and entertaining matches, happy moments for some and sad ones for others, we'll get to know the team crowned as a world champion. This was a very long and difficult run for Argentina and Germany to get this opportunity. Imagine more than 1 billion people same time connected to a single event, the most important football match in 4 years.

Some interesting facts about this match:

- A European side trying to win the World Cup for the first team on South American soil

- Argentina trying to win a World Cup on the soil of their bitter rivals, Brazil

- The World Cup Champion title is the single major one missing from Lionel Messi's collection

- Argentina won their last world cup title in 1986 against Germany, Germany's last world cup win was in 1990 and guess what... against Argentina

- They also played in the quarter-finals of the previous World Cup edition in South Africa and Germany won 4-0

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