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23Jun, 2014

watch the brazil 2014 fifa world cup with vpnconnected

Are you itching to watch the Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup live but you are in a location with geographical restrictions? Try using VPNConnected to watch it online. There may be TV Channels that cover it live, but you have to pay tons of money for on-demand viewing or you will need to have an IP address in the same location to watch their broadcast. Some free sites may be able to show it live but the quality is way below standard and you have to scour the internet looking for them which would be time consuming. So, how can you watch the 2014 World Cup without inferior video quality and paying too much for it? The answer is to use a VPN service.

How it Works

Using a VPN service to get access to the Brazil 2014 World Cup is just easy as long as your VPN service has servers in the countries or locations that are broadcasting it live. In simpler terms, we will just have to bypass the geographical restrictions enforced by these locations. Is it legal? Well, it is in a gray area because you are paying for a VPN service, which has servers in countries that covers the World Cup. In return, the VPN Company you are subscribed to is paying for these servers so you are doing it legally but indirectly. However, who cares? Right? The important thing is you get to watch it live!

What You Need

Obviously, you are going to need a VPN service for you to watch it live. VPNConnected has more than 110 servers located in 32 countries around the world, so it is easier for you to find the location that you want to view the World Cup from. Here are other things you need:

  • A high speed internet that connects to your computer/laptop.
  • A VPN service with unrestricted plans. VPNConnected offers plans that carry all features in all plans.
  • A location that you have chosen where you will connect your VPN service.
  • The channel of your choice that broadcasts the World Cup.
  • A tub of popcorn and lots of drinks for continuous viewing!

Channels and Servers Available for the Brazil 2014 Word Cup


With BBC's coverage of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, they are offering live coverage, groups and schedules, results, fixtures, features and videos as well as top scorers of the season, information of all teams and information about football. Choose UK as your server when connecting to your VPN service.


View live matches; be updated with game schedules, scores, players and more with CBC in Canada. You can also read recent news and videos about each game and about each team. Make sure that you choose Canada as your server when connecting.

SBS/Canada, UK and Australia

Aside from live matches, schedules, scores and information about the players and all teams, you can also find football news, opinions of every game, featured videos of the World Cup, comments and opinions of viewers and experts. You can also find information on the 2014 World Cup partners as well as merchandise that you can purchase if you can't get enough of the World Cup. You can use Canada, UK or Australia as your server for this channel. Choose the one that is nearest you for the fastest connection.


Watch live streaming of the 2014 FIFA World Cup as well as upcoming schedules and replays. You can also get a list of events, recent news, scoring, and information for players and teams as well as feedback and opinions from experts. Recent news also includes highlights of games with videos.


On this channel, live matches are available as well as schedules, information for teams and its players, recent news, highlights of the games, interviews and many more. Also, you can view all past matches recorded. In addition, you will have to have to translate the page if you can't understand their language. The Google Chrome browser has a built-in page translator that you can use for this purpose. Choose the country Romania as your server when connecting to your VPN service.


Live streaming of World Cup matches with russian commentary. Choose a server located in Russian Federation to view this channel

There are many other channels that were not included in the list as well as some websites that have purchased the rights to cover the 2014 FIFA World Cup; however, if you were using a VPN service, connecting to a country server that is nearest your location would be ideal for flawless viewing.

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