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15Jan, 2015

vpn service vs smartdns service

Geoblocking is one of the most common hindrances when it comes to Internet browsing. It restricts online users' access to certain websites if their IP addresses do not match with the location of their target website. This is a big problem for people who want to gain access to important information such as the latest news, international market updates, media content and more.

How to Unblock Geographically Restricted Sites

There are many ways to overcome online geographical restrictions available nowadays. We, at VPNConnected, provide services such as VPN as well as SmartDNS - both great solutions to bypass location restrictions. They are very useful to people who are always mobile and on the go. However, these services are very different from one another. They may sound the same but their purposes and uses are very much different.

VPN features

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is a network created to extend a private network to a public one. It enables your computer to send as well as receive data across public networks without worrying about your security and privacy.


VPN service changes your IP address and encrypts all traffic in order to allow you to browse web content privately. Your location will actually appear as your connected server's location. In addition, it is also great if you want privacy when it comes to browsing the Internet. It's very simple to connect using VPN custom Windows software.


When it comes to unblocking, VPN gives you access to all websites from country of your connected server's location, but it also limits your connection speed due to encryption (not too much, though). To use a VPN connection on some devices requires setup a router that supports VPN.

SmartDNS features

Some websites do not provide online users with full access because of their current locations. SmartDNS service is a relatively new technology that enables you to unblock a pre-defined list of websites and services restricted due to geographical locations.


SmartDNS is very handy for SmartTV's, Xbox, PS3 devices that don't support a VPN connection. It's extremely easy to setup on almost any internet-capable device and you don't have to change your settings for every country. SmartDNS does not provide any encryption, it only routs traffic through a proxy server, so you won't experience any speed loss. That why it is ideal for streaming.


SmartDNS does not secure your connection and it keeps your original IP address. You can only access the pre-defined list of blocked websites, the good thing is that our list of unblocked websites is one of the largest on the market.

Which Type of Service Should You Use?

If you are more concerned about your privacy rather than access to international websites, you should prioritize on using a VPN service. If your online activity is more streaming from the most popular online services, then the SmartDNS service is perfect for you.

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